This post has absolutely nothing to do with games. But it’s interesting and not well known. An example of xkcd’s Citogenesis.

MM is a 14 year old Hungarian wannabe journalist/paparazzo with huge ego and small notoriety. To get a glimpse of his style here’s a fresh piece about the suicide of an outdated class B celebrity. “XY committed suicide. I am the first one to correspond about the death of XY. On December 25, 2011 XY Hungarian singer committed suicide in her home according to my knowledge. […] Her family and the media has not yet made the news public, but I know it from good source. MM. This piece of news is published on December 25, 2011 at 12pm on my blog.”

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Anyway, back to citogenesis.

2009-12-01 “MM had a public vote on his homepage about the sexiest actors and actresses of 2009. The winner was Angelina Jolie and Tom Jones.” (*** Magazine, created by MM) [beautiful self-reference]

2010-05-26 MM edits the Tom Jones article on Wikipedia: “Tom Jones voted the Sexiest Man In The Word in the hungarian *** Magazine in 2009.”

2010-05-26 A british editor enhances the sentence grammatically: “In 2009 Jones was voted “Sexiest Man In The World” in the [[Hungarian]] magazine ”***”.{{cn}}”

2010-05-26 MM changes cn (“citation needed”) to a link to the original Hungarian article.

2010-05-26 The same editor changes the link to a Google Translated version.

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2010-07-01 Laura Barton writes a long article about Tom Jones in The Guardian with this sentence in it: “Only last year, the Hungarian magazine *** voted him the sexiest man in the world.”

2010-07-15 MM posts joyfully in his blog: “Btw Tom Jones was voted sexiest man alive in 2009 in my newspaper *** Magazine, and this event was surprisingly commented by a lot of internationally acclaimed sources (eg Wikipedia) and The Guardian, a british journal founded in 1821.”

That’s the way to spam not only Wikipedia but The Guardian as well.

PS. Names are altered on purpose to minimize the chance of MM hearing about this post.

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