Zandagort (2008)

Zandagort is a browser-based sci-fi MMORTS featuring a realistic ecological model (Lotka-Volterra), complex economy, real geostrategy and geopolitics (ie. moving military units and fog of war and not just countdowns as usual in the genre) and all the standard shit (research and development, jadwal siaran bola trading, espionage, alliances, diplomacy, in-game chat, forum, private messages, both PvE and PvP, live conventions, fanfiction, fanart).

The Seven Sons of Qjyll (2012)

A minimalist browser-based RPG set in an infinite semi-random universe. No database, just some session variables in cookies and md5. Post mortem is available on the blog.

Alien Egg Farm (2011)

A small flash game about exponentially reproducing aliens breaking loose created for the 48 hours Reddit Game Jam 06.

Game of Game of Life (2011)

A small flash game about waltzing through a cellular automaton to the tunes of The Blue Danube created for a 72 hours game developer competition.

Penguins vs Aliens (2011)

A small flash game about top skor two penguins in love fighting aliens created for the 48 hours Ludum Dare 20 competition. Post mortem is available on the blog.