I was listening to The Beatles lately when I bumped into Maxwell's Silver Hammer and nostalgy struck me. This song had inspired me ages ago to create one of my first games. I checked some old source files on my hard drive and the date is August 1995. I was fifteen and into Pascal. Not Delphi but good old Turbo Pascal 5.5 for DOS.

The game was a platformer about a guy in red with a green capital M on his shirt and a silver hammer in his hand. I'm not sure if I was aware of Maxwell's psychopathy. Anyway here are the frames of his movement:

In the first row he's on a red hoverboard (like in Back to the Future Part II). This was only to avoid drawing side views and walk animations. As for the TNT I have no idea what that was.

The whole thing was drawn in Autodesk Animator (is there any one who still remembers that piece of software?). I did not fully understand the program due to my bad English at that time, so I only used it for still images. Instead of understanding the details of standard graphical file formats, I "hacked" AA by copying a temporary file that contained the last opened image as a plain bitmap (320x200 pixels and 256 colors).

There were basically two great problems with Maxwell just like any other games I made those days. One: graphics was simply rubbish. And two: I never actually finished any of them.

In retrospect it seems like I wasted a really precious period of my life...