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Our web studio focuses on the development of games that can completely change your perception of reality and the surrounding world. We employ only experienced and talented web developers, who are eager to create stunning games and are not afraid to experiment. Take a look at some of our products now! We are sure that you won’t be disappointed!

Our Games


Zandagort is a web-based sci-fi indie game, which will certainly appeal to the most devoted gamers across the globe. The game has everything a player expects from the games of this genre, namely, complex gameplay, intriguing plot, stunning gaming effects and other features that just won’t leave you indifferent!

The Curse of the Hidden Sword

The Curse of the Hidden Sword is a game that belongs to the adventure genre. This is what makes it a nice choice for individual playing as well as for entertaining family rest. The game has its story, strategy and mission. There are lots of puzzles and secrets a player has to find out to win the game. Take your time to test The Curse of the Hidden Sword to get fantastic gaming experience!

Secrets of the Future

Secrets of the Future is a strategy game that will take your breath away from the very first minutes of the gaming process. The game has its scenario and it is intuitive enough to be played by teens and adults. The rules are easy to understand, while the plot is attention-grabbing. The game resembles the old good classic strategies, but it comes with contemporary elements that make it even more interesting and engaging.

Our Services

Game Development

Game development is the major specialization of our studio. We try our best effort to track the latest gaming industry trends and innovations to further implement them into our games. This contributes to stunning results and ensures the unsurpassed gaming experience to each and every gamer, who plays our games!

Website Creation

Apart from game development, we also specialize in website creation. We understand the increased urge of users for high quality websites that can meet their personal or business needs and requirements. Here, at Zandagames, we develop different types of websites mostly like these shopify website examples, the quality of which is beyond any doubts.

Web Design Development

Web design development is another service we are known for. Web design is a responsible and complex process, which involves lots of stages and must-have features that just cannot be overlooked. We are aware of all the contemporary web design trends and effectively implement them when working on our projects to leave our clients satisfied.

Website Promotion

Quality web design is only half of the process, when it comes to effective business promotion. Zandagames team consists of knowledgeable experts, who are aware of all the nuances of the web promotion process and use their skills to improve the search engine ranking of a website.

Mobile App Development

The world of today is unthinkable without mobile devices. Consequently, the amount of people, who use them for different purposes keeps increasing with every passing day. This triggers the necessity to create versatile mobile applications. This is one of the services our web studio offers.

Desktop App Development

Zandagames also provides professional desktop app development services to meet any requirements, needs and preferences. All the applications we develop comply with the highest industry standards to become popular with users of all ages.

What Makes Us the Best Choice?

Our Benefits

  1. Professionalism and customer-orientation
  2. Attention to details
  3. Individual approach to each client
  4. Over 10 years of expertise in the niche
  5. More than 500 successfully developed projects



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